Via Paxton In Mexico

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Via Paxton, her TSG photographer and a makeup artist were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in May, 2000. In this scene, Via walks around the beachside city, bargains with a street vendor over a bracelet and goes back to her swanky hotel for some breast and recreation, namely sunbathing with oil-slathered boobs, showering and masturbating with a vibrator. The last portion is a chat with Via wearing a SCORE tank top.

You'll recognize the super-busty blonde walking by the beach. The famous Lovette was there for a couple of days also, as was Ariana, fresh off Boob Cruise 2000, which had returned from the Caribbean just a few weeks earlier.

Peter, the photographer, talked about Via and the week in Mexico when he returned to the office.

"I've photographed Via since the beginning of her SCORE and Voluptuous magazine career, and I shot her video, 'A Day With Via Paxton.' She's still all new to everything, to the world of modeling, unlike other models who work as dancers and video performers. I think she's one of our greatest finds, and not just because of her breast power. She's a sweet girl.

"You should have seen the commotion when Via first arrived at the hotel. Not as chaotic as when we travel with a large group of girls during Boob Cruise, but still, they cause the same fireworks. All of the guys who worked at the resort couldn't take their eyes off her and her boobs. They made a lot of comments, but nothing nasty. We understood Spanish. Basically it was stuff like, 'Man, I'd love to take her home with me,' things like that. All the bellboys and the front desk clerks were going nuts. Shell-shocked. 'Tell me about SCORE magazine,' one of the clerks asked me.

"This was Via's first trip to Mexico and she was pretty excited about the whole thing. Via has a full time job in Chicago with a big courier service but luckily she was able to take her vacation days for this. Her flight was much longer than Lovette's because of some delays so she wound up checking in late. Via was so happy to be away from Chicago for a few days. That smile was coming from her, not from any prompting by me. Where would a girl like her rather be, a crowded, noisy city or this tropical paradise?"

Via Paxton In Mexico

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