Vee is for vixen

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo" | Date: 11 March 2020 Vee is for vixen

"I like to show off," said slim 'n' stacked hottie Vee VonSweets. "I like my boobs. I wouldn't call myself an exhibitionist. It depends on my mood."

In this scene, one of four she shot for us in 2015, Vee is in the mood to show off her big tits, tiny waist and rock-hard nipples and deep-finger her pussy to a satisfying cum. Body-wise, Vee reminds me a little of Mia Khalifa, although I think Vee is a lot bustier.

Vee is from New Jersey and was living in North Carolina when she came to us. She was a webcam model, so Elliot asked her how she felt about posing in a studio compared to her at-home shows?

"Excited and nervous," she said. "I'm used to people watching me on the webcam, but I don't see them or they're not telling me what to do. Here it's a little bit different. It's new to me. Doing webcam, I'm in a room by myself. It's not the same as live with somebody, like I am here. I was always interested in being in a magazine, and I like this magazine, so I thought, 'Why not?'

"I was a girly girl growing up and I'm still a girly girl. I was putting on makeup when I was five. I was stealing my mom's makeup and putting it on me, and they'd wash it off my face and I'd get upset. I would hide clothes that I knew I wasn't allowed to wear in my book bag and change in school. Most of my tank tops show cleavage. I do like to show off. I like my boobs."

And so do we.

Vee is for vixen

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