Trisha gets ass-fucked and swallows

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Natural Boobs, XXX" | Date: 2 February 2018 Trisha gets ass-fucked and swallows

"I'm here to get fucked up the ass," Trisha Swallows says. Sure enough, this tight, little, naughty-but-nice wife takes JMac's big, thick cock up her ass. Every inch. And when she's done-or, more appropriately, when he's done-she swallows his cum.

"I think I've fulfilled all my fantasies," said Trisha, who was born in Wisconsin and now lives in Central Florida, where she owns and operates a bikini pool-cleaning company.

"I'm a whole lot better-looking in my bikini than the guy who's cleaning your pool now," Trisha said. And check out those tan lines. They're tiny, which means Trisha wears very little when she's cleaning your pool. Sometimes, she wears just about nothing.

"The guys whose pools I clean have walked around with nothing on just to see what would happen," she said. "If they talk real nice to me, they might get more than their pool service."

How much more? Well, she is Trisha Swallows!

Trisha gets ass-fucked and swallows