Triple Play

The shipping and handling guys at SCORE's warehouse spend a considerable amount of time getting intimately acquainted with the products. They know every magazine, novelty and DVD and have it all memorized. It's great when employees really know the products and study them for countless hours.

But when a new employee named Siri joins the customer service team (looking amazingly like Siri the beautiful blonde), they're in for a disruption of their carefully structured daily schedule. Watch as this Siri teaches them how to work more efficiently and productively.

In order to expedite the work flow, Siri shows them how she blows two men at the same time, thus cutting down on wasted time and effort. She explains how employees can increase their teamwork and cooperation--they can fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time, lowering energy usage and costs.

Yes, this new employee will teach these lazy bums the advantages and benefits of being hard at work. It looks like there's a new warehouse manager in town at SCORELAND and her name is Siri. And she looks amazingly like Siri.

Triple Play

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