This Angel has 36F-cups as well as wings

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo" | Date: 10 May 2018 This Angel has 36F-cups as well as wings

"Where have all the super-sized tits gone?" I asked myself. Just when it seemed that there were no new huge sweater-stretchers anymore, an Angel dropped from the hooter heavens. Specifically, Angel Gee, a green-eyed Barbie-doll who hits the 42-inch mark and kills a 36F-cup.

What I appreciate about Angel, besides her total package, is her love of huge tits. Angel really loves big tits: her tits and the tits of other girls, the bigger the better. She worships her tits. In a world that often belittles big tits, her devotion makes me feel good.

When Angel first visited SCORE, there wasn't enough time to have a sit-down with the editor, so we made arrangements to speak on the telephone after she got home. Later in the week, I called and we touched on a lot of subjects. Tits. Nipples. Sex. Stripping in clubs. Bras. Toys. Sexy clothing. All the reasons I became a big-boob editor instead of a political commentator for CNN.

SCORE: Do you play with your boobs when you're at home?

Angel: I always touch my boobs. It's just a habit. And sometimes I don't even notice that I'm doing it. My friends will be like, "What're you doing? Like you have to draw more attention to them!" And I'll say, "I'm sorry." They're just in my hands sometimes. They're just there. It's hard not to touch them. They're so touchable. They just scream "Touch me!"

Angel reminds me of the first generation of SCORE Girls in the 1990s: larger-than-life covergirls with figures that freeze a man stiff in his tracks. Midnight-fantasy figures brought to life. Girls who do not live next door. Angel could have stepped out of an Otis Sweat Bomber Girl painting. Angel is just five-feet tall, and I greatly appreciate and love stacked girls in fuck-me shoes.

"I love heels!" Angel gushed. "I think I was born in them. I even walk around the house in them. My slippers have heels. It's so sexy for me. I pretty much have every color, and they go from five inches to eight-and-a-half inches. I used to dance in them. When I was onstage, I'd stroke the heel as if I was stroking a guy."

It turned out that Angel Gee's first visit to SCORE was a warm-up. If I'd thought she was a hot girl, she was planning to show how really hot she could get on a second trip. And even hotter on a third trip.

This Angel has 36F-cups as well as wings

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