The StarBoobs barista

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Natural Boobs, Solo" | Date: 23 April 2018 The StarBoobs barista

Ever bought a coffee from a barista with a pretty face and big, natural tits like Kate Marie has? I haven't. I wish I would now and then.

"I can't find many clothes to fit my chest," the brown-eyed brunette said. "Their size by themselves is an attention getter. However, tank tops have almost caused accidents in public. It's okay to pay attention as long as folks eventually look up and talk to me and not my breasts."

Kate has a regular, full-time job, so her modeling is infrequent. I first heard from her in July 2011. A friend of mine saw her and suggested she contact me. She did. I sent her email to our model recruiter and waited.

I actually waited a long time because it wasn't until March 2015 that I heard from her again. Sometimes you have to wait. That may bug a lot of people in this age of immediate gratification, but patience has its rewards, especially with girls.

Kate turned out to be a great model. She has the girl-next-door appeal that the Boob Brotherhood loves best.

"I'm good with sultry and sexy, not smiling crazy and trigger happy. I like wearing sexy clothes. I like pinup."

The StarBoobs barista

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