The Redhead With Huge Areolas

Category: Big Boob Pics | Date: 10 August 2017 The Redhead With Huge Areolas

A reader named C.K. wrote years ago, "In 1995, I was one of those lucky guys who got his face mashed between Tabatha Towers' huge hooters. Those things must have weighed at least 15 pounds. Tabatha toured on the dance circuit in the U.S. and Canada. I doubt the rumor that she's now a house dancer, perhaps somewhere in Wisconsin, is true, although having her milkers working in the Dairy State would be appropriate."

Tabatha's boobs were augmented but they looked incredibly natural. They were already big to begin with and a boob enlargement made them huge. Tabatha's crowning glories were her equally brain-freezing areolas that were wider than tea cup saucers. Tabatha could self-suck her nipples with the best of them and was famous for that talent.

Tabatha was very well-known in the strip clubs that specialized in busty features during those years. Born in New York, Tabatha was a nature girl and said she liked camping and hiking, a big divergence from smoke-filled, boozy night clubs.

The Redhead With Huge Areolas

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