The Miracle of Hitomi

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Solo", Video | Date: 9 October 2018 The Miracle of Hitomi

Red lingerie suits Hitomi, and the best part is seeing her peel it off to give us a big boob bonanza with nipple self-sucking and pussy-rubbing. Hitomi was in Prague, mainly to get it on with Lily Madison and lick Lily's pink.

SCORE editor Dave recalled an evening when he and some co-workers took Hitomi to South Beach.

"I couldn't decide whether to walk behind her and check out her cute little ass or walk beside her and watch her boobs bounce. I went for the boobs. We went to Victoria's Secret. I know, Hitomi in Victoria's Secret is a bit of a joke. There's not a single bra in there that can fit her.

"I saw one of the saleswomen make a move towards her when Hitomi was checking out the bras, but she quickly thought better of it, realizing that Hitomi was about three or four cup-sizes too big for anything in the store. When we surprised her with a gift--fragrances and creams, not a bra--she smiled, giggled and was truly gratified, even though she has received gifts from thousands of men."

The Miracle of Hitomi

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