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Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mature, Mixed, XXX" | Date: 21 February 2018 Thank you for jacking to Chery Leigh

Chery Leigh, a 55-year-old first-timer, is hot. How hot? We'll tell you a little story.

Tony, the guy who takes her on-camera cherry in this scene, is 47 years old. He's been a porn stud for a long time. He has fucked a lot of women: older women, younger women, big-titted women, small-titted women, veteran porn sluts. The guy has been a porn stud for 18 years. Yep, he's living the dream.

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So, we can tell you that Chery, who's looking super-sexy in a revealing blue top, short skirt and stockings, is a wife, mother and grandmother. We can tell you she's a swinger who lives in South Florida. We can tell you she's had gang bangs and owns a business. We can tell you her husband was standing a few feet away while she had her way with Tony.

But a veteran porn stud thanking us for giving him the chance to fuck Chery? That's all you need to know.

Thank you for jacking to Chery Leigh

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