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In the early issues of SCORE magazine, there was a section called Homebodies. This department was devoted to amateurs who wanted to try professional modeling and possibly break into magazines but didn't know how to do it.

Girls with big tits were encouraged to send in their nude photos, and if their pictures or a portion of their pictures were selected for later publication, they would get a check for one hundred dollars after they mailed a photocopy of their ID and a signed release. Taking and sending in their nude photos for evaluation and potential publication was easier said than done before digital cameras and smartphones. They had to have their pictures taken with an instant camera or send their film to a lab that guaranteed privacy.

The editor tried to publish three girls an issue. It was not easy. Most were far from having the breast size of the SCORE Girls, either natural or augmented, but now and then, several had D or DD-cups. One of them was this 18-year-old brunette named Winona Lind. Winona's four pictures, taken a week after her birthday, were published in Homebodies in the April 1995 edition. She said she was 36-28-36 and had DD boobs. Miss Lind also had a very nice bush that matched her hair color.

"Modeling for SCORE sounds cool!" Winona wrote in her letter. She didn't know what she wanted to do in life but she wanted to pose. The staff saw a lot of promise in this young, fresh-faced girl-next-door and invited her to model professionally for a nice check. Winona accepted and before long, she was flown to London to model at the legendary John Graham studios.

Teenage Teaser

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