Sweater stretcher

Olivia Jackson's best girlfriend told Olivia that she would be perfect as a big-bust models. This is unusual.

"She was looking online and saw some busty women on SCORELAND, and she said, 'You would be perfect,' so I decided to try-out! I decided that I wanted to experience something for the first time, and this kind of presented itself to me. I'm very excited and very happy that I made this decision to show my body.

"We've watched pornos together just to take notes. She happened to go online and looked up some modeling info for herself. She saw that you specialize in women with nice breasts. She doesn't have big breasts herself."

Olivia took her friend's advice and sent in a few snaps she took at home (see BeASCOREModel.com for details).

Here, Olivia is dressed in a tight, button-down blouse and a mini-skirt. In most businesses, she would probably be told not to come to work dressed like that but not at the SCORE office. Olivia's way of dressing is welcomed and encouraged here.

Sweater stretcher

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