Super-sexy Blonde

Category: Big Boob Pics | Date: 31 October 2017 Super-sexy Blonde

Before coming to SCORELAND on the recommendation of a boyfriend, Kaytee Carter had never posed nude before. She'd never gone to nude beaches or resorts. She had never danced topless or nude in a club. She had never sunbathed in the nude. She'd never even showered nude.

Okay, maybe that last sentence is a lie. And yet Kaytee took to nude videos and photo modeling like she had years of experience, looking relaxed, comfortable and happy. Here's a very confident girl who succeeds at everything she does.

At heart, Kaytee's a country girl. "I'm a little farm girl. I used to train horses, go camping. I ride dirt bikes a lot. I love to fish, hike and hunt." She's even jumped a dirt bike over two vans. And we thought lap dancing was an extreme sport.

Super-sexy Blonde

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