Sucker for a hard-on

Category: Big Boob Pics | Date: 8 September 2017 Sucker for a hard-on

Now here's something you don't see too often: Daylene Rio without a cock in her mouth or pussy. A girl doesn't win SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year without practicing a lot. I actually walked in once on Daylene fucking in the studio. She had a cock in her pussy and invited me over to shoot some video for the SCORELAND Blog. She seemed like she was happy to see me. I was flattered, considering that some guy already had his dick in her.

"Do you want to look at me getting fucked?" Daylene said as her tits jiggled. "I'm really enjoying it."

I could tell.

"Is it a big cock?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's a big, fat cock deep in my pussy."

She didn't invite me in, so to speak, but maybe she would have if I'd asked nicely.

"I love what I do knowing that guys are looking at me and getting all sweaty and hard!" Daylene once told me. "That's a big part of the thrill. They could be masturbating to me, and that's hot. It's just so exciting. I like knowing that I have all these people watching me. That I have this nice man jerking off watching me. That so turns me on. I love thinking about all the guys at home cumming on my tits."

I think it's that thought, that thrill, that keeps Daylene coming back to our studio. She was big-time into porn several years ago; dancing, too, at Spearmint Rhino in California. Then she dropped out of full-time porn to work in a family business for a while, flying to our studio once or twice a year for porn cock. I liked the idea of that, of Daylene telling her uncle or whatever, "I have to take a few days off. I'm going to SCORE to fuck porn cock."

Anyway, in this scene, Daylene shows off her big tits and tight pussy. The only cock is yours.

Sucker for a hard-on

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