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Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo" | Date: 16 May 2018 Student body

All models should never be taken for granted, but Kaytee Carter is one of those girls you have to appreciate in the here and now and not expect to see in six months, a year or two years, thinking she will be modeling for a long time.

She is exactly the kind of model we look for: one who comes to us through luck or because of someone she knows. She was recommended by a male friend who is a reader and knew she was right for SCORELAND. So she contacted us. Kaytee had checked out the magazine and wanted to try modeling. She'd never stripped in a club, wasn't an at-home cam-girl and had never gone to an amateur wet T-shirt contest, topless beach or nudist camp.

When TSG's editors were called into the studio to welcome Kaytee to SCORE the morning she arrived, we were blown away by the tall, stacked blonde. I remember it very clearly. She is one of those girls who is just bigger-than-life, and I know the reactions she must get from people who see her every day. We call this power "The Magic," a phrase coined by a former editor. There are girls and there are super-girls.

Sure enough, Kaytee's modeling fit into the "lark" category, something she wanted to try to see what it was about, make an impact and then move on.

"Modeling was something I haven't tried," she said. "It's new, it's exciting. I get a thrill out of trying new things. And I feel very comfortable here."

Kaytee is an action girl, athletic and strong. She grew up on a farm, trains horses, fishes, hikes, hunts, dirt-bikes and kick-boxes. But with all that, she's super-feminine and sexy. This video starts in the dressing room, where we see her try on something she normally wears, then it moves on to other great moments in eye-candy history.

Kaytee was the covergirl of two SCORE magazines, one issue of V-mag and was the hostess of a reality-TV spoof on DVD called More To Fuck. In that flick, she does a hot scene with another sexy charmer, Destiny Rose.

"I would say that a hundred-percent of the people I know would be really surprised by this," Kaytee said. "It's completely out of my realm, and I'm a pretty conservative person. Normally."

I'm glad she did break out of her realm, just for SCORE.

Student body

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