Rhonda Baxter: #1 French Maid

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The French maid scenario has always been popular over the decades of men's magazine photography. Put a dairy maid like Rhonda Baxter in a costume like this, and the effect is overpowering. This costume is Brit-made PVC vinyl and it was difficult to find in the right size for Rhonda. The top part of the dress was too tight and small for Rhonda's perfect hangers and that's clear from the first few photos.

Reader letters and contests showed that Rhonda was indeed a very popular girl and the breast-man's natural choice.

In the May 1995 issue of Voluptuous, the editor wrote "We're praying for the day when Rhonda meets the right guy, gets pregnant and lets us photograph her milk-laden tits."

Rhonda did meet the right guy and did get pregnant but we never had the opportunity to photograph her with milk-laden tits. So be careful of what you wish for. However, Rhonda was photographed post-pregnancy for September 1999 Voluptuous.

Rhonda Baxter: #1 French Maid

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