Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

Category: BBW, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, XXX" | Date: 8 August 2018 Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

Dani Moore has worked as a hotel employee. She's been a hotel front desk person, a banquet manager and worked in housekeeping. She served drinks in a strip club as a waitress for one month. Some customers tried to persuade Dani to get on stage and dance but, like a lot of waitresses at strip clubs, that wasn't in her game plan. These days, Dani works in a tattoo shop.

And here at XL, Dani was offered a job as a masseuse. Dani looks eager on her first day, as you'll see. She really seems to have taken to this work. There's a lot of different positions to enjoy. Her male customer has a big dick. She doesn't want to let that slip through her fingers even if they both get oily. Her tits shine as the oil soaks into her breastflesh.

Dani is not your ordinary masseuse. She uses her 47-inches of big boobs as massage tools. Dani has to be extremely popular with those sucklers. Taking off her top, she rubs her client's body with her large tits, tan-lined from sunbathing in bikinis. This is an excellent technique known in some circles as "mamming." Dani adds an extra spin to it by taking her client's cock in her hands, then wrapping her boobs around it.

Dani's diligence and attention to detail during the massage is impressive. However, as she reaches to massage her client's cock, it leads to a blow job and fucking right there on the massage table and the rest of the massage is forgotten. The management has gotten zero complaints about Dani's massage technique. As it should be! Because Dani Moore is one hell of a bangin' masseuse.

Massage Parlor Bra-Buster

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