Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Video, XXX" | Date: 6 August 2018 Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

This is a case taken from the real life files of Dr. Daphne Rosen, PhD., sexologist. Carlos and his wife have made an appointment with Daphne to try to correct an imbalance in their marriage. You see, Carlos wants to fuck his wife's anus. She thinks it's repulsive.

Dr. Rosen tries to show her that anal sex can be pleasurable but the wife refuses to listen and stamps out in a huff. Dr. Rosen thoughtfully takes the husband into her private chambers. Since the session was paid for, Dr. Rosen will teach a distraught Carlos how to properly fuck his wife's butt.

She removes his pants and gives him a blow job. More girls of every size and shape need to study Daphne's cock sucking skills and copy her. When it's time for ass entry, Daphne has Carlos fuck her booty while she lays on her back. Daphne shows Carlos how she massages her pussy while he pumps his tool in and out of her tush-tunnel.

Will Carlos be able to use his newly acquired ass-drilling skills to seduce his wife into ass-fucking and save his marriage? Who the fuck cares? Everybody loves to see Daphne take it up the wazoo.

Marriage Counseling With Dr. Daphne, PhD

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