Maid in Mexico

Category: Big Boob Pics, Natural Boobs | Date: 7 November 2017 Maid in Mexico

In this scene, California girl Jenna Valentine plays a fantasy maid. In all honesty, I can't imagine Jenna as a maid, waiting hand and foot on someone, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, cooking dinner. I'm sure Jenna cleans her house and cooks and does the dishes, but French maid seems like too subservient a job for a girl who has as big a personality as she does. But maybe that's what makes this scenario interesting: Jenna's doing something we wouldn't expect her to do.

And, of course, she looks spectacular in that outfit. Her big, pale naturals are pouring out of a tiny bra, and her ass is nicely encased in those panties. Is this how maids dress in France? If so, I'm moving there. On second thought, maybe not. Judging by SCORE's history, there aren't a lot of busty babes in France.

Elliot described this scene as follows: "You will never see a maid clean as thoroughly and scrupulously as Jenna does. Once she has finished polishing the window with her big, luxurious tits and soft ass-cheeks, Jenna gets to work on the floors. Her boobs fall out of her low-cut top as she scrubs. It's just not made to contain those heavy-hanging fruits."

This was shot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the On Location Puerto Vallarta project. That trip turned out to be a bit of a heartbreak for Jenna because she'd hoped to meet Hitomi, but their paths never crossed. Jenna thinks Hitomi is very cute. She's right. Hitomi is very cute. If it's possible to have huge tits and still be cute, Hitomi does it.

Of her own tits, Jenna said, "I love to be naked. I will lay naked in bed, eat naked in bed and do a bunch of other stuff while I am naked in bed. Girls who sleep with bras on are stupid. That has to be totally uncomfortable. When I get home, I take my bra off. It's, like, the first thing. They are so fucking contained in there, I just want to let them out."

See? She's not taking her bra off only for us.

Maid in Mexico

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