Lumberjack Linsey

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For the life of me, I can't decide, even after all this time since I've taken this photo set, whether or not I'm really happy with that shirt I'm wearing! Most of you will probably appreciate the fact that I don't wear it very long, but when I started looking through these photographs to decide which shots I wanted the guys at SCORE (they are the ones who handle the technical side of my website) to upload for me, I couldn't help but wonder if I looked more like I'm wearing some kind of picnic tablecloth, or if I looked more lumberjacky in it? What do you think?

"Not that we have very many lumberjacks in the UK. I think that is very much a North American thing. Not that I mind the thought of big, strong, men at work in the wilderness chopping down trees to make paper and whatever else.. Mmmm, that's a fantasy set that I could see myself bearing the cold for. (Not a big fan of the cold, this girl.)

"The thought of being outdoors in the chilly mountains with my nipples fully aroused by both the cold air and the hot men is truely intoxicating. I can imagine my nipples being so stiff that they would practically stick out through my warm, flannel shirt. And, all the while, there would be a bunch of rugged, bearded men in work boots going about their business the best they can with me standing there poised to get naked. Can you imagine trying to work under those conditions? Well, it might not be very logical, but I'd sure be happy to strip down to my bare boobs and ass for the cameras! I'd certainly have to be careful about all those prickly pine needles once my panties had come off, but if there was a big, wooly blanket there for me, I think it could be absolutely fabulous! Maybe I'll call up John and see if he could find a few lumberjacks willing to have us pay a little visit."

Tra la,

Lumberjack Linsey

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