Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Photo, Solo" | Date: 28 October 2018 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

I can hear you all singing up a storm! When the Beatles were on their LSD trips, I bet they never saw anyone in an outfit as wild as this ensemble. When I first saw the hat and jacket I was absolutely compelled to try it on. It was definitely my alter ego. When we found my far out mushroom...I knew I had to use them as props for a ChloesWorld photo shoot. In my everyday life (my normal life, that is...) I dress very simply and somewhat very 60's hippie. That is why when I am modeling; I am drawn to outfits, which are totally far from my norm. Peter W. the SCORE photographer and I were visiting a friend of his who owns a huge warehouse full of wild costumes. We were going to be just a few minutes as Peter was going to drop some things off. As I walked around, I became fascinated with all the wild outfits. I was like the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Within a few minutes, I had stripped off my clothes and was busy trying on several crazy getups. I was so busy having fun, that I did not realize that I had created a spontaneous photo shoot. I could hear Peter snapping away, and of course, I had to just ham it up also. When I first started modeling, there was no such thing as a digital shoot. I spent a lot of time in makeup, and then a lot more time under hot lights posing for these "natural" shots. No one realizes how hard modeling can be. I have had to hold poses for what seemed like an eternity. There were times that I went home and felt like my face muscles were frozen. But always, in spite of the hard work, it is thrilling to see the final products...especially if they made a cover. I had no idea that ten years after my first photo shoot that I would still be working and learning. I am a very sensuous, earth mother type of person. I love my body, and I love the whole aspect of making love and having a passionate relationship. Working as a nude model has helped me be more expressive, more sexual in my own private life. Making love is a very giving thing. The more you give, the more you get back. It is a natural law. Isn't it strange that mankind has not wholly evolved to embrace this concept? I feel that my photo shoots pick up my love for both men and women. I have had many women writing to me as I have had men. I get many women trying to pick me up and trying to seduce me. I do not consider myself a lesbian...I love men too much. But I do love sex! I love the human body and feel very comfortable with my sexuality. Perhaps, this comes through in my photo shoots, and is an important reason for my success as a sex icon. All I know is that I am grateful for all my fans, and that I am more popular now than even when I began my career. Thanks everyone! Ciao! Chloe

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

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