Living Doll

Dolly Delight has a lovely speaking voice, a British accent and a filthy vocabulary. Even if she were hidden behind a screen, Dolly has the kind of voice that delights a hard man. If only more girls would put a banana in their mouths the way Dolly does in the beginning of this video. Lunchtime would be so much more exciting.

From the tips of her toes to her pierced pussy to the tips of her nips, Dolly is a living doll. "I typically go for very girly, quite glamorous looks," Dolly said. "I'm not really a stylish, chic type of girl. I'm the kind of girl who likes to wear a little, short skirt and a tight tube like I'm wearing now, and I always wear heels; even for shopping. I usually have heels on all the time. And pink! I love pink!"

Miss Delight talks the talk while her fingers walk the walk inside and around her delightfully pink and shaved pussy. Dolly said she's good with her mouth.

"I like being watched," says Dolly. "That definitely turns me on."

Living Doll

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