Linsey Cums First

A roundtable discussion excerpted from September '03 Voluptuous magazine.

A Bra Tale
By Dave Rosen, editor, V-Mag
V-mag: How much do you usually pay for a bra?
Linsey Dawn: My bras are very expensive, around 100 pounds. That's about $160 in the U.S. But I have no choice if I want to get them custom made.
Brandy Talore: About 50 dollars.
Paige Plenty: Being a curvy gal, I can't really be as picky as skinnier, less busty girls.
Gwen Sanders: I pay anywhere between 30 and 50 dollars for my bras.
Rachel Love: Same here.
Cherry Brady: Sometimes I can find a good bra for 30 or 40 bucks.
Denise Davies: I pay about 35 pounds, which is around 60 dollars U.S.
Diane Poppos: About 40 dollars.

V-mag: Have you ever found a front-hooking bra that fit?
Linsey Dawn: I have never found one that didn't break quickly.
Brandy Talore: No, not since I was like 15, and, besides, they're too annoying.
Paige Plenty: I have an animal print with red trim, and it has matching thong panties.
Gwen Sanders: Front-hooking bras just don't fit me.
Rachel Love: I agree. I'd really like to find one that fits.
Cherry Brady: I'm a big fan of matronly looking, 1950s and '60s-era bras, and I do have a front closure that is fantastic.
Denise Davies: No front-hookers for me. They'd burst right open.
Diane Poppos: Me neither.

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Linsey Cums First

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