Lili Xene Talks Sex On-camera

Category:, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, XXX" | Date: 31 December 2020 Lili Xene Talks Sex On-camera

Lili Xene talked sex with a SCORE magazine editor in 1996 in a candid interview. She was certainly qualified, with over 90 video credits.

"The problem with the adult video industry is the whole manhood thing. Getting it up, getting it in, keeping it hard and having the biggest one in the world. You have blonde, busty and tanned women with men who not only have to be built like Hercules but have to fuck like him too. I really feel that's a major problem.

"I feel that men shouldn't have to be under the pressure of being buffed, tan, beautiful and the like. The average guy is sexy enough and built well enough to get any woman off sexually. And with today's actresses, they are always trying to do something different or shocking to set themselves apart from the pack. Myself, I squirt. That puts pressure on the guys too because most of them aren't used to a woman squirting juice all over them."

Lili Xene Talks Sex On-camera

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