Korina's Bikini Bouncing Bustout

Korina Kova's got her bed as a springboard for bouncing. So who needs a trampoline? She's got a collection of string bikinis to stretch out and a thick toy for plug and play fun. Here's one of Canada's greatest exports.

SCORELAND: Are you assertive or passive?

Korina: Very passive. I want the man to just take control.

SCORELAND: What satisfies you best?

Korina: I love giving oral sex. It excites me and can get me off even.

SCORELAND: How often do you have sex?

Korina: Moreso with the toys! I like to have a steady partner.

SCORELAND: Your favorite position is:

Korina: 69.

SCORELAND: What's your favorite kind of foreplay?

Korina: All oral. I love to be sucking and touching and kissing.

SCORELAND: Are you into public sex?

Korina: I am always just getting crazy. I've had sex in public numerous times. Exhibition stuff always turns me on.

SCORELAND: Have you done it with girls?

Korina: No, but that's one thing on my bucket list.

SCORELAND: Anal sex?

Korina: I like small things in there. Very small.

SCORELAND: What about three-ways?

Korina: I don't like to say no to anything before I've tried it, so I'm open to new ideas.

SCORELAND: Blow jobs: spit or swallow?

Korina: Swallow, 100%. All day, anytime.

Korina's Bikini Bouncing Bustout

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