Juggy Doll

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Solo", Video | Date: 24 April 2018 Juggy Doll

Harmony Bliss strips off her tight jeans and clingy top, wets a finger and rubs her nipples until the pointy nubs stiffen. Harmony explains in detail how she likes her jugs handled and then she gets totally nude and pulls out her big, black fuck-toy. She strokes her wet pussy with it, sticking the thick chick-stick all the way inside her snatch.

Harmony said she masturbates once a day. "The best is in the bathtub," says Harmony. "I have several vibrators, but even using a piece of clothing or bed sheet will work. I have a variety of vibrator sizes but size doesn't matter when I'm using a vibrator. I like to use the vibration of the vibrator all over my clit and the outside of my pussy.

"Sometimes I fantasize about having sex in a public place, the beach, under the boardwalk, on a plane or in the bathroom at a party. I might fantasize about a really hot celebrity I like or a good-looking musician that I just saw at a local club. One of my past lovers had some problems in the bedroom and once he saw me masturbate, he was all back in working order."

Juggy Doll

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