Janne in Berlin

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Natural Boobs, Solo" | Date: 1 January 2021 Janne in Berlin

Those who encounter Janne Hollan while looking for a new car will not be leaving until they sign on the dotted line and drive out in their new wheels. She has that kind of selling power. But Janne has a secret life as a big-bust model. She is voluptuously busty and proud of it. Her customers don't know about her secret life. If they did, they would be repeat customers. I have to wonder if Janne's co-workers grit their teeth when prospective buyers ignore them and make a bee-line for those big tits. You've heard of sticker shock? Janne causes bumper shock.

Janne doesn't go for those small Euro autos.

"I love big cars and big trucks," she said. "My dream car is a Hummer." No Smart Car or Fiat for this blonde from Prague, Czech Republic.

"I like to dress provocatively," said Janne, a cuddly-looking girl if ever there was one from her toes up to her cherubic face. If she didn't dress to impress, we'd be disappointed. "I often wear short skirts and blouses that show my cleavage. People are always staring at me because I dress the way I do. Because of my chest size, I have to wear a bra. When I'm doing some kind of sport, it's almost impossible to be without a bra. When I'm home, I don't wear one."

Janne in Berlin

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