Jack talk with Stephanie Stalls

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Solo" | Date: 4 January 2018 Jack talk with Stephanie Stalls

"I have the mind of a porn star," says Stephanie Stalls, who opens this scene by telling us, "I love touching my tits.

"I love to fuck, I love to have my pussy eaten and I like making guys happy. I like making me happy!" Stephanie said.

Stephanie told me she has had sex under a pontoon boat and in a Denny's restroom. "There's hardly any place I wouldn't fuck. It's exciting!"

I think that goes with being a small-town girl. When you live in a small town, you're always looking for places to fuck, so if a pontoon boat is free, why not? Stephanie isn't big-time at all except when it comes to her looks and her tits and her sex drive. She still lives in a small town in Kentucky, and when she goes on the road as a feature dancer (she's one of the few big-titted feature dancers), it's not to Los Angeles or Las Vegas but to small towns in North Dakota, where truckers and hunters might check her out after a long day. Back home, she's just Stephanie.

"Guys where I live freak out when they meet me," she said. "They say, 'You're in magazines?' and 'You're in porn?' They love it, but I feel like I'm a normal person."

Stephanie dances in several clubs including Jill's Gentlemen's Club in West Virginia and The Filly Corral in Smithton, Pennsylvania. Ask for her there!

Stephanie isn't exactly a normal person. Normal girls don't have bodies like hers or F-cup tits that drive men wild. Normal girls don't have men around the world jacking to them regularly. But I appreciate Stephanie's modesty.

I also appreciate her ability to keep up a steady stream of jack talk while she's playing with her tits and pussy, as she does here. Enjoy.

Jack talk with Stephanie Stalls

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