I love big toys

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Natural Boobs, Solo" | Date: 9 January 2018 I love big toys

I go into web cam sites and social media looking for potential SCORE and Voluptuous Girls. It's tricky because the wide-angle lenses, web cameras and smartphones can make a girls' breasts look bigger than they would look with a standard 35mm camera lens. The result is that when a girl is professionally photographed, her boobs often don't look as big, and that's a disappointment.

When I saw Bella French on a cam girl site, I left a message for her to contact SCORE (at BeASCOREModel.com). This can be hit or miss. A large percentage of girls will ignore it. I figured Bella would delete it, too, but she got in touch and she was interested. Because she's from Montreal, we couldn't photograph her in the States, so our studio arranged a trip to the Caribbean, where we have done photo shoots for decades. Bella came to Miami and visited the SCORE building before she and the staff took off for The Bahamas.

"I'm from Montreal, and there's two parts to it," Bella explained. "There is the east side, which is mostly French, and the west side that is mostly English. I was born on the west side, so even though we would speak French at home and I went to French schools, all my friends would speak English."

Besides having hot moves in front of a camera, Bella likes to use big toys, and she's really good at it. She knows how to use them and hold them so the cameraman can capture the penetration. A lot of models hold a toy in a way that blocks the insertion. This is when the photographer's awareness is needed.

"People where I'm from in Montreal aren't very open-minded...like the girls will judge a lot. So even in strip clubs, I won't meet girls who have boobs like mine, so the attention is pretty intense. I'm usually very well-dressed. So, I'll see guys look at me, but they won't come and talk to me. Not that much. Or I get those crazy, drunk guys or weirdos, and they're like, 'Heeey!' People will think that you're that stupid blonde bimbo and you can't talk. Or they think you're super easy and you'll go fuck anyone."

I'd love to get Bella back at SCORE, so I keep trying.

I love big toys

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