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The past months, I have kept track of the most requested bra color. When I began my career, which is now coming up to 10 years ago, the most requested color was white. Today, the most asked for bra color is red...the hotter, the better. Ten years ago, did I look virginal? I guess many fans thought so. I may have been naive and awkward, but I never thought of myself as virginal. I have always been a sensual person. Even as a very young person, especially when my breasts started growing, I was considered the sexiest student in my whole school. This did not mean I was having sex with the boys at school...but that they wanted to have sex with me. I used to wonder what a 12-year-old boy would know about the wonders of sex. I remember they told me that they knew "everything". But, all I can remember was that they were horrible kissers. I still meet horrible kissers, but then, I am not "virginal" anymore, and when I put on my red bustier, it is a definite confirmation that I have grown in my sensuality. Men now fantasize about me in hot red. I feel comfortable with my breasts and now I feel very confident seducing the camera. It is such a powerful thing to make love to the camera. Years ago, I could barely look into the camera. I felt myself blushing, each time the photographer told me to look horny. Now, when I am working, I get so aroused, knowing that thousands of men are fantasizing over my photos. On some photo shoots, they have had to wipe my privates with "baby wipes" because my juices were flowing so much. Recently, a fan wrote and told me that he had photos from my very first shoot (under his this an American thing?) and included me in his prayers every night. He, of course, preferred me in a white bra. But, as I was getting ready for this photo shoot, I wonder what he would think of my red bustier? I am sure he would be including me in more than his prayers. This layout is for you JC of Minneapolis. Ciao! Chloe

Hot! Hot! Hot!

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