Hot Girls Need Big Hoses

Category:, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Video, XXX" | Date: 3 November 2020 Hot Girls Need Big Hoses

Britain's Michelle Thorne was a singer before she got into nude modeling and porn with guys or girls or both at the same time. She's still a professional singer and once appeared on television's X-Factor in 2005.

Michelle has appeared in many U.K. mens' mags and over 150 videos since she began modeling at 18. Over the years, she has been showcased numerous times in the Sunday Sport tabloid.

One of Britain's top hardcore girls and one of the most beautiful, Michelle made this video with fireman Pete The Meat early on in 1999 before she up-sized her tits with a series of boob jobs. Pete puts out Michelle's fire with the big hose he was famous for in British porn.

Michelle is still busy in porn today, looks as sexy as fuck and also makes her own videos. In recent years, she's done porn for the MILF category. Retirement is not for her, the flame in Michelle has never diminished.

Hot Girls Need Big Hoses

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