Hot Babes of The UK: Katie

Category:, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, XXX" | Date: 24 September 2020 Hot Babes of The UK: Katie

The ever-smiling Katie, a Voluptuous magazine regular in the 1990s, takes a bath in a sheer slip. Just then, Alberto enters the room to shag her. Katie did very few hardcore porn scenes with guys so he lucked out getting the call to copulate with this charming, chesty cutie.

That scenario was in the video. This photo set doesn't match the storyline of the video. They fuck on a settee instead and Katie is wearing a body-hugging dress at first.

What also attracted readers and video buyers to Katie besides her obvious physical assets was her aura of naughty innocence, what the Brits call "cheeky" and "saucy." The camera picked this up. Many of the models on social media platforms today have a hard edge compared to the girls of an earlier time.

In keeping with the procedures of newsstand magazine distribution in the 1990s, the sex in this shoot is mostly simulated, softcore "point of impact" poses, meaning no penetration. That changed in the 2000s as those restrictions were dropped in America. The UK and some countries in Europe still follow those restrictions, especially the chain stores that have survived.

SCORE and Voluptuous editor, Dave, remembers Katie: "Katie walked into our studio and big-boob history was made. She would make 16 appearances in SCORE and Voluptuous during the 1990s, and she sailed on Boob Cruise '97. That first time in the studio, Katie, wore a wig so she wouldn't be recognized.

"Katie's E-cup naturals and pretty face would make her one of the most-popular naturals ever and one of the best, too. When we did SCORE's first 20 Greatest Naturals issue in 2001, she just missed the cut, coming in 21st on our list. She shot for SCORE one last time in 2001, visited Las Vegas with her friend and fellow model Susie Wilden, and then retired and moved to Tampa, Florida shortly after. Katie, if you're reading this, drop us a line."

Hot Babes of The UK: Katie

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