Getting busy with Miss Biggs

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, XXX" | Date: 14 September 2018 Getting busy with Miss Biggs

When we first see JJJ-cup natural Liza Biggs in this scene, she's wearing a bikini top made of chains along with black shorts and thigh-high boots. Then she takes off her top and tells her stud to keep looking at her. As if he was going to stop, right? She leans back and shoves a hand down her shorts. She rubs her pussy. At this point, the stud stops watching and starts getting very hands-on, which is fine with Liza. It's what she wanted all along.

"If I'm having sex, I'm kind of aggressive," Lisa said. "I'm physical. So I'll pull a guy towards me, force his clothes off, give commands and if he can follow, I can do what he wants. Then he can tell me what he wants. Describe it to me."

I know what I'd want: I'd want Liza to shove those tits in my face until I tap out, which might be never.

"I don't think I've ever come close to suffocating anyone," Liza said. "There have been guys who have asked me to just put them on their faces."

Liza is one of the greats. When we first met her, she was a little shy, maybe a little nervous. It took her a little while to open up, but when she did, bam! Liza used to be a chef, so she's a dream girl: beautiful with big tits and she'll cook for you. There's nobody like her.

Getting busy with Miss Biggs

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