Former kindergarten teacher gets ass-fucked

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Natural Boobs, Video, XXX" | Date: 11 April 2019 Former kindergarten teacher gets ass-fucked

Kaiserin's hubby and son are away, and now she's going to play. When this scene opens, JMac is in her garage. The place is a mess. There's stuff all over the place. Kaiserin, who's elsewhere in the house, hears noise coming from the garage and checks it out.

"Your son sent me over to get some fishing rods," JMac tells her.

She has him bend over to look for something, and when he does, she grabs his ass. He's surprised. Wouldn't you be surprised if your friend's mom grabbed your ass?

"We can have a good time," she says. "Don't you love a good time? Let's play a little bit."

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"I'm sure sure," she says.

Kaiserin doesn't just suck his big cock; she doesn't flinch an inch when he fucks her mouth hard. JMac fucks her pussy hard, too, and we get to see Kaiserin's huge tits jiggle. Then he jams his dick up her tight ass, and Kaiserin loves it. Does she have an analgasm in this scene? You be the judge.

Kaiserin is 45 years old. She was born in Ohio and lives in Texas. She used to be a pre-school and kindergarten teacher. We don't think her doing porno would've gone over well with the PTA, but fuck 'em, right? A woman has to do what a woman wants to do, and this woman wanted to get fucked on-camera by a hung porn stud.

Kaiserin recently discovered anal sex and finds it "surprisingly enjoyable." She's definitely enjoying herself here.

Former kindergarten teacher gets ass-fucked

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