Flower Child Jeannine Oldfield

Category: -scoreclassics.com, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, Solo" | Date: 17 October 2019 Flower Child Jeannine Oldfield

"Though Jeannine seemed to feel most comfortable presenting an almost frumpy image to the public, when she came to our photo studio, took her clothes off and was made-up, this girl turned into a very sexual animal indeed." So wrote SCORE founder John Fox.

In autumn of 1988, Jeannine phoned John Graham's photo studio in London looking for modeling jobs. She had gotten his name and number from a friend.

John was in the United States on business so one of his photographers Dave Anthony asked her to visit the studio so he could take some Polaroid instant photos. Jeannine followed through and the rest of the story is big-bust history.

Flower Child Jeannine Oldfield

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