Even Geeks Deserve Huge-Titted Women

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, Solo" | Date: 21 May 2018 Even Geeks Deserve Huge-Titted Women

Maybe it's time to start acting like a geek if this is the reward.

Even geeks, nerds, twits, schmucks and other assorted dweebs and tools should get their share of the breast pleasures that big-boobed girls are happy to bestow upon some of the men they encounter in their daily lives. Our hero is one such loser, laughed at by hot women, abused by unpleasant office bullies. But there is a ray of sunshine in this dude's life and she is Miss Charlie Cooper, a chesty charmer and his office manager.

Miss Cooper stops the torment and sends the two mean co-workers to lunch so she can speak to this chap. And teach him a thing or two about beautiful, huge, natural tits. Like how to worship the tits, how to suck them and play with them. And then teach him how she likes to be fucked. There's a lot to be said for women like Charlie feeling sorry for geeks. They want to mother 'em and smother 'em with their hot, soft bodies. Every man, geek or not, deserves a supervisor like Charlie Cooper.

Even Geeks Deserve Huge-Titted Women

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