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"I like a guy with a good heart," said 43-year-old mom Ciara Ryder. "If I have a good heart, then there are other people who have a good heart and a nice soul who are caring and compassionate. And if he's into some things that I like too, like health, fitness, being intelligent, going to concerts, that's a big plus."

Wait a second...did Ciara just say she likes a guy with a good hard-on? Maybe not, but that's what we heard. Here, the guy with the good hard-on is Isiah, who has a big, black cock. When this scene opens, Ciara is on the phone with her guy. She tells him that she misses him. She loves him. How nice! But then Isiah comes by with some papers for Ciara, and she wastes no time getting his cock out.

"You sure have become a fine young man," Ciara says, remembering Isiah from when he was young. "It's okay. You can touch me. I won't tell my husband."

So he touches her ass, tits and pussy. He eats her nicely shaved pussy. She slurps on his cock and then she goes for a ride.

"Oh, yeah, shove it in me!" Ciara begs, and Isiah, a guy with a good heart, doesn't have to be asked twice. Nor does he have to be told where to cum: on Ciara's pretty face and big tits.

"I like unexpected, romantic, hot, wild sex," Ciara said. "If I start dating somebody and we just connect, then it's magnetic, crazy sex anywhere, wherever, in the house, in the kitchen, all over the place. In the hotel, in the elevator, everywhere. Why not, right?

"I would say my kinkiest experience was in a huge mansion in Beverly Hills while a big party was going on. The guy and I snuck off to an extra room to have hot, wild sex. We could hear people outside the door, and it was exciting that we could have gotten caught. When we were done, people wondered where we went off to. I think we raised a few eyebrows that night."

Seems like Ciara is always raising something. Eyebrows. But usually cocks.

Easy BBC Ryder

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