Deep in the bush

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, XXX" | Date: 13 April 2018 Deep in the bush

"I attract a lot of men because of my tits," Mischel Lee said. "When they see me naked, they sometimes spend more time on my pussy."

The reason for the immediate attention: Her tits are huge.

The reason for the later attention: She has a hairy bush, something that was quite common the 1960s and '70s and is now barely seen at all.

I wonder if Marilyn Monroe shaved her pussy. I bet she did.

As Elliot wrote of this scene when it was posted on SCORELAND, "Mischel likes to fuck on-camera and the dude who's boning her this time is definitely a bush supporter, spending time fingering and tonguing and otherwise pleasuring her fuzzy triangle. He doesn't neglect those jumbo jugs atop Miss Lee's trim torso, but her follicle forest gets a lot more action. He even pops his nuts on Mischel's wooly wig after fucking her."

Wooly wig? That's a new one.

Mischel is short 'n' stacked and from the Czech Republic. Every time we see her, her tits seem to be bigger and her bush is bushier. Vanessa Y., another busty babe with a bush, shaved her pussy clean for a while, and the outcry could be hear from here to the bush lands. So she grew it back. Mischel always shows up for her shoots with a bush.

SCORELAND: Do you find pubic hair erotic?

Mischel: Yes, it's very erotic for me. That's why I keep my pussy hairy.

SCORELAND: Have you always had your pubic hair?

Mischel: Of course, I have shaved in my life, but that's just not my style. All models are shaved like babies now and I know that men like at least a little hair!

SCORELAND: What made you decide to get rings in your pussy lips?

Mischel: It's my private secret jewelry.

SCORELAND: Do the rings enhance your pleasure?

Mischel: Of course! I love the feeling and guys love to play with them.

Deep in the bush

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