Daylene's Lust For Fertility

Jungle girls come in all shapes, colors and cup sizes. Latina Mamazon Daylene Rio is like one of those hot native chicks from the old Bomba, The Jungle Boy movies. Sultry, pouty, steamy, wild, hot-tempered, dark-eyed and exotic looking, Daylene is the high-priestess of the Mamazon clan.

Alexis Silver is her Queen, but while the Queen's fucking one of the hapless male explorers they've trapped, Daylene is interested in one of the other intruders--mainly in his cock.

Daylene rubs her heavy hangers all over him, then gets to work on his jungle jizzer. Daylene just does what comes naturally and she's an expert at it the first time. She didn't need to look at the pictures in a sexology manual to know how to spread her thick cunt lips apart for her captive's spear.

Daylene's never had the magic jungle juice squirted all over her hot tits but it's never too late to learn and Daylene is extremely interested in learning. Her savage fury needs to be trained by cock.

Daylene's Lust For Fertility

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