Colt 45: Corpus Delicious From Corpus Christi

Category:, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, Solo" | Date: 13 February 2020 Colt 45: Corpus Delicious From Corpus Christi

This photo shoot of Colt 45 is also from January, 1993, her first time in London. Her red gown and white stockings and garters have a holiday look about them, although it wouldn't be until 1996 that Colt wore a sexy Xmas costume and hat and posed on a winter-themed set for the cover of January 1997 SCORE.

"I've never been one to stay in the dressing room and stare in a mirror like some girls," Colt told a SCORE editor. "I'm more down-to-earth, and I like to hang out with people. That always surprises people, that I'm down-to-earth.

"I think men are really scared when they don't know me. I remember when I would go shoot pool with some friends, and guys would avoid me. I never knew why, and some of my friends would tell me, 'You're scaring the hell out of people. You're too pretty, and they all think you're going to tell them to go fuck off or something.' I never thought of myself like that."

Colt 45: Corpus Delicious From Corpus Christi

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