Chesty Chica

Category: Big Boob Pics | Date: 17 August 2017 Chesty Chica

This video has one of the things I love to see big-boobed girls doing, and that's dancing. (Thought I would write fucking, eh?) When it comes to dancing, Latin girls are damned near impossible to top. If you watch Spanish-language TV shows like Noche de Perros, the women (usually pretty, stacked and wearing a sexy dress that fits them like a glove) will burst into a dance number in a split second for no reason. Paola Rios, a Paraguayan, is just like that and busts out into a healthy dance session at 17:25 into this video.

The reason SCORE and Paola went to Buenos Aries, Argentina was to photograph her after a series of travel mishaps led to Paola not being able to join a group of SCORE Girls in The Bahamas for a week-long special (Big-Boob Paradise, one of our best on-location movies).

Paola and Buenos Aries were a good match, and she was very comfortable in the house our staff rented. It was a good week. There are photos and videos of her with a huge smile walking around that cosmopolitan city. She's not naked, but she is wearing a nice, tight sweater.

"I originally wanted to become a vedette [a Latin nightclub showgirl or entertainer], but I became a photo model instead," Paola said. "Every man I have ever met has been obsessed by big tits. When I go out with a man on a date, it takes him five minutes to start asking me questions about my tetas."

If they were SCORE readers, it would take them 60 seconds.

I'll let a SCORE Man and 20th Anniversary Contest winner have the penultimate word. After I wrote, "We must be due for a new Paraguayan by now," Viggo replied, "I don't think so, not when you've got an uber-babe like Paola. What you need to do is make another On-Location trip, this time with Paola! I have almost worn out the two DVDs of her that I have. I need at least two Paola DVDs, one solo and one with four or five other girls."

Paola doesn't speak English but who cares. We'd love to find more South Americans as sexy and stacked as Paola, but it's not easy. If you know a suitable candidate, and there must be plenty in Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil alone, tell her about We have several staffers who speak Spanish.

Chesty Chica

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