Cat On A Hot Skin Flute

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Mixed, Natural Boobs, XXX" | Date: 11 May 2018 Cat On A Hot Skin Flute

Working at an adult entertainment company gives a guy or a girl some leeway. We can ask models questions that would get our faces slapped or worse at any other company.

So one question for Cat Bangles was: how old was she when she got her cherry popped?

"I was 18," Cat replied. "I was a late bloomer. I didn't get these bad girls until I was about 18. When I was still about 17, all of my friends had big boobs and nice little bodies and butts, and I still wasn't there yet. But when my boobs came in, they just blew up. I can't see my feet if I'm standing straight up. I have to bend over. And I love to bend over."

Cat is the best in every way. She met one of our porn guys, Tony Rubino, online.

"All thanks to Tony and Vine," Cat explained. "One evening, a friend and I were getting a little frisky online, and Tony told us there was a new app named Vine. You can make movies that play for about 30 seconds to one minute. So he told us to put a video up, and we did and we kept doing it over and over. We were fucking and sucking all over the place. We did it all. Everyone loved it and commented, including Tony. One of his comments was that any hot girls should get in contact with him if they were interested in modeling with The SCORE Group. Interestingly, I had applied to The SCORE Group a year prior. He said he would get in contact with you all for me again."

Later on, Tony got to fuck Cat in the booty in one of her scenes. She's one of the all-time hottest girls who ever walked into the building. I mean, this Bostonian set off the sprinkler system every visit.

If every girl looked and behaved like Cat, we'd be living on easy street.

Cat On A Hot Skin Flute

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