Casca Akashova: The Morning Ritual

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Solo", Video | Date: 6 August 2020 Casca Akashova: The Morning Ritual

Wakey, wakey, Casca Akashova. Time to leave your cozy, warm bed and begin your day. Casca sleeps naked under her robe, no negligee, bra and panties or pajamas.

We follow Casca as she goes into the bathroom. She brushes her teeth and when Casca spits into the sink, some of the paste drips on her big tits. She wipes it off, puts her hair up, takes her robe off and steps into the shower.

A little standing spank in the shower turns into a lengthy spanking session. Casca has to squat down as she approaches the cum-zone. Her orgasm is too intense to stand when she cums. Leaving the bathroom, Casca towels off, applies makeup and brushes her hair. She gets dressed, picking a tight, hip-hugging skirt and a red one-piece that lifts her boobs, an outfit that's sure to capture a lot of admiring looky-loos when she leaves her house.

Casca Akashova: The Morning Ritual

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