Candy Can Can Is A Can-do Girl

Category:, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Solo", Video | Date: 19 May 2020  Candy Can Can Is A Can-do Girl

Canadian dancer Candy Can Can made her men's magazine debut in the February 1996 issue of SCORE. Wearing what was basically a strip of leather that covered her pussy lips and most of her areolae, Heather Hooters was the covergirl of that edition.

The editor of the issue described tan-lined blonde Candy as having one of the "meatiest fuckin' pussies we've ever seen. You'll have to check her out at a club to find out." In fact, we'll see that in the masturbation scene in this rare video.

The video begins like many other solo scenes with the girl reading SCORE or Voluptuous magazine and getting turned on so much, she fondles herself and masturbates. Candy is reading July 1995 SCORE, Brazilian Angelique's second cover issue. Irish porn star Jay Sweet is on the back cover. As fate would have it, Jay and Candy would do a girl-girl scene that was published in the October 1997 issue.

After Candy's solo, she's interviewed by the director but the chat takes a very different direction from just basic questions. It begins awkwardly enough, and then things get interesting. He asks Candy what she does on-stage and she describes how she puts an ice pop in her pussy and shoots it out. He wants to see this and calls for one to be bought to the set.

Candy opens one end of the wrapper and sucks on it to wet it, then sticks it inside her pussy. The cold treat doesn't seem to bother her. Once it's in all the way, she sends it flying out with a pelvic thrust. He asks her to do it again and this time, Candy does it without the wrapper. She does it a third time with her back to the camera. As she does these tricks, Candy laughs. Serious until this point, Candy gets giggly and bubbly. The ice has been broken, so to speak. Before signing off, he wants to see what else she can do with her long pussy lips and she's happy to show him.

 Candy Can Can Is A Can-do Girl

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