Buttoned-down Bra-buster

Category: -scoreclassics.com, Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, Solo" | Date: 11 January 2020 Buttoned-down Bra-buster

"I don't know why I did it," said Katie. "I saw an ad for models, and I was in the neighborhood one day and decided to take a chance. I didn't know how I would look, so I asked to wear a wig so nobody would recognize me if the pictures turned out bad." Katie's hair was usually short. Wig or not, nothing could mask her sexy body.

As it turned out, the girl could not take a bad picture if she tried. Katie (aka Fae) made 16 appearances in SCORE and Voluptuous during the 1990s, and she sailed on Boob Cruise '97. That first time in the studio, Katie did wear a wig so she wouldn't be recognized.

Looking back at these over 20-year-old photos of Katie (and all of the girls at SCORE Classics) makes us realize how special the girls are and how lucky we all were to have had the chance to photograph them. There's a bit of longing for those simpler, more easygoing years and those anatomy award winning young women. No doubt we'll be feeling that way ten years from now when we look back at the girls posing today.

Buttoned-down Bra-buster

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