Built To Make A Grown Man Shed Many Loads

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I don't remember the color of the shirt I wore yesterday, but I remember walking into the studio at the end of January 2002 to interview Chaka T. Back then, Dave and I would do two-man video interviews that gave the chats the feel of a Man Show or Howard Stern episode.

When I first saw Chaka unveil her 36H ta-tas for the first time, I felt phasered like a baddie on Star Trek. Stunned. Since the interviews were point-of-view, meaning only the model was on screen, I don't know what my face looked like, but I'm sure my eyes bulged out like Wile E. Coyote getting anviled by the Road Runner.

Chaka's natural tits were perfect; perfectly shaped and packed with breast meat. Solid and full with very distinctive, dark areolae that stood out and didn't blend into the rest of her boobie skin. We could tell she was proud of them, and that always makes my day.

What was unusual about Chaka was that she told us that her tits really began to develop when she was in her mid-20s. Usually by 20 or 21, breast development is complete unless there's been a dramatic gain in weight that also affects a girl's boobs, such as Autumn-Jade's breast spurt.

Chaka could suck on her nipples, which is not easy to do with tits that solid because they're usually not pliable enough. Chaka could suck one but not both at the same time like several other girls we've photographed. She did try but couldn't do it.

"I can't get them both in," Chaka told us. "There's no way. But it's nice to be able to suck on one nipple and then the other because I can do that while a guy's doing other things, and it's like someone else is there having sex with me. Like a threesome, but only with one guy. You can't do that when you have small breasts. Even with D-cups, I had trouble. It's kind of an extra added bonus of my growth spurt."

Chaka learned about us through a friendship with porn star Sierra. Sierra had been at the studio a year earlier and she recommended us after meeting Chaka.

As I've written before, 10 years ago, models took their time deciding to try hardcore with a guy. On Chaka's first trip, she flew solo. Four month later, she decided to try a sex scene. This was the first, a horny military story with Chaka going through a boob camp drill with a superior officer. The meat drill. Chaka really took to sex on-camera like the lusty lady she is.

I don't know what she's doing these days but I remember Chaka like it was only yesterday.

Built To Make A Grown Man Shed Many Loads

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