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The following roundtable discussion was excerpted from September '03
Voluptuous magazine.

A Bra Tale
By Dave Rosen, editor, V-Mag

Nobody knows more about bras then Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Brandy, Rachel Love, Paige Plenty, Cherry Brady, Gwen Sanders, Diane Poppos and Denise Davies. They've spent their lives searching for the perfect fit. When they talked, we listened.

V-Mag: First things first, where do you buy your bras? Linsey Dawn: I buy my bras at Rigby & Peller, the most famous bra store in England. They make all of Queen Elizabeth's bras, too. Brandy: Victoria's Secret. Paige Plenty: Victoria's Secret. Gwen Sanders: Frederick's or Victoria's Secret. Rachel Love: I always buy them from Frederick's. Cherry Brady: A bra shop in my town. Denise Davies: From on-line bra specialists. Diane Poppos: I wear Goddess bras. V-mag: How difficult is it for you to find bras that fit? Linsey Dawn: I have a very hard time finding bras that fit. I usually have to have them made. I can't just walk into a store and pick something off the shelf. Brandy: If I'm just looking for ordinary bras, it's not too tough. Paige Plenty: I can't just walk into any shop to buy bras. Gwen Sanders: A lot of times I'll walk out of a store with nothing. Rachel Love: Finding bras that fit can be really frustrating. Cherry Brady: Once you find who sells your size, you just stay with them. Denise Davies: It's made a lot easier by Fantasie, an on-line lingerie store in England. Diane Poppos: Well, I almost always wear Goddess, but I'll buy anything that fits. V-mag: Do any of you girls have your bras custom-made? Linsey Dawn: Every one of my bras is custom-made. Brandy: Not yet. Maybe some day. Paige Plenty: Custom-made bras cost more, but cheaper bras just don't last long. Gwen Sanders: I haven't had bras custom-made, but I have had some bikinis custom made. Rachel Love: Sometimes I have bras custom-made, but only when I really want to treat myself. Cherry Brady: I have had bras made, but the Internet makes finding big bras simple.
Denise Davies: I don't have my bras custom-made because Fantasie usually carries my size. Diane Poppos: I have an unusual body. I'm so small in the back, only 34 inches around, and I'm very large in the chest. V-mag: Where do your bras wear out the most? Linsey Dawn: The wires are always coming out of the front of my bras. Then they're history. Brandy: The straps. I've actually had straps snap on me. Paige Plenty: The underwire is usually the first to go. Gwen Sanders: The straps go first. Rachel Love: In the middle, both in the back near the clasp and in the front under my cleavage. Cherry Brady: Either the elastic in the band stretches out or the elastic in the straps wears out. Denise Davies: The straps are the first to go. Diane Poppos: Probably the straps.

Bra Terminator

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