Bath & Boobs With Kitty Cute

Category: Big Boob Pics, Big Tits, Photo, Solo" | Date: 22 September 2018 Bath & Boobs With Kitty Cute

When Kitty Cute takes a bath, she makes a big, soapy, breast-smackin' show of it. This bath was a little different--the swanky tub was outdoors at the Dominican north coast resort. All of Kitty's shoots in Romania were indoors so her already wide eyes opened even wider at the idea of being naked and bathing in the tropical sunshine and sea air. There's something about the Caribbean that makes girls hornier.

Kitty's pussy is always wet. She's always excited when she goes on-camera. In this scene, Kitty rubs her pussy fast, her huge, natural tits quivering and trembling as she perches on the edge of the tub.

Out of all of the girls in the Dominican Republic, Kitty was the one phoning her mom every day, chatting, sending her emails, texts and photos. "She's a real mama's girl," her photographer said. "You don't see that with U.S. girls."

Bath & Boobs With Kitty Cute

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