Bad, Bad Teacher

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Enjoy Nikky Wilder, as the blonde with big boobs and a sexy personality delves into her erotic fantasies and erotic experiences and then transforms into the Bad, Bad Teacher right before you. She is one horny minx. Sex is a huge part of her life. How does she treat her boyfriends? What does she like to do with her lovers? Find out.

Bad teachers are good teachers. Nikky will show you what a bad teacher is all about. Nikky likes being bad. And that's good. She needs to express her badness and that's what XLGirls is for. To give bad girls like Nikky a good environment to act out her bad self and give every dude who sees her massive boners. She is proud of making men hard. Because she is a good girl.

First, Nikky shows her tits, pussy and butthole. Then she shows how she sucks cock using different-sized dildos. Then she fucks one of the studs in "First Time Dick Dancing," her first-ever XXX scene. She'll be back soon to fuck some more. Because bad teachers have a lot to teach.

"I love being on my knees," Nikky said. She doesn't mean gardening by that revelation. "I have sex almost every day. I love a good, hard pounding from behind until I'm all gooey. I love having my neck kissed, licked and bitten." That's how a teacher talks? On this campus, it is!

Wild, wild Nikky Wilder. Bad, bad teacher!

Bad, Bad Teacher

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