Ass Cream Dream

Category: Anal, Big Boob Pics, Blowjob, Cumshot | Date: 13 September 2017 Ass Cream Dream

Cheery and breezy, hot Goldie Ray is a high-energy, very vocal whirlpool of sex. Yet she is so angelic and delicate-looking.

The gorgeous, creamy, naturally-busty, slim blonde catches many with their pants down. They don't expect a wild cat with the vocabulary of a phone sex operator and a love for assfucking that rivals the most-well-known anal sex queens of porn. No one saw that "cumming."

Goldie's fuck buddy fires his cum shot in her butthole while thrusting into her in a doggie position, and even after he backs away, it looks like Goldie is ready for more cock. The editors could hear Goldie's moans and screams through thick concrete walls as she was first fucked in her pink pussy in several positions and then in her little butt.

Her skill at anal sex is beyond intense. SCORE editor Dave blogged that "The girl is a wild, fucking nymph, and she has an absolutely filthy mouth when she's getting fucked. Which is funny because when I met her in the studio, she seemed so quiet, classy and demure. She smiled and said, 'Nice to meet you.'"

It proves once again that you can never tell by appearances.

Ass Cream Dream

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