Arianna & Miosotis: Clash of the Super-Naturals

Part 3: Arianna the voyeur
When Miosotis finished eating Arianna's pussy in Part 2 of "Clash of the Super-Naturals," Arianna motioned to one of the studs and told Miosotis, "Now I'm going to watch you fuck him."

So that's what happens here as Arianna, totally naked and needing a bit of a rest after having been fucked by a dude and pussy-licked by Miosotis into multiple orgasms, gets to watch as Miosotis sucks and fucks.

"Do you like her sucking your cock?" Arianna asks, reaching down to play with Mio's KKK-cup naturals. "Yeah, baby. Make him cum so hard," Arianna says. "Titty-fuck him. Put these enormous tits around his cock. Fuck him. Make it cum, girl."

This is a side of Arianna we haven't seen before, a dirty, naughty girl side. Like the rest of us, she likes to watch.

Arianna & Miosotis: Clash of the Super-Naturals

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